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Calvin Klein doesn’t acctualy knows who Kendall Jenner really is!

Hint: She’s a Calvin Klein model


It turns out that Calvin Klein – you know, the guy who started Calvin Klein – isn’t really a fan of some of the choices his team have made around marketing his product of late.

Speaking at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Klein revealed that not only would he not have chosen Kendall Jenner to front his campaigns – but he isn’t actually sure who she is.


“You know, I’m really not that familiar with it. I’m honestly not. I’m sure she’s a lovely young woman. It’s not the kind of thing I would have done, even today. When [I say] I like Justin Bieber in the Calvin Klein Underwear [campaign], it’s because I like him – not because he’s got millions of followers.

“Now, models are paid for how many followers they have. They’re booked not because they represent the essence of the designer, which is what I tried to do – they’re booked because of how many followers they have online.

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