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The ‘Blacklist’ : New villain has been cast, did he have something to do with what happened to Liz

“Alias” star Ulrich Thomsen is joining “The Blacklist” as its third season winds up. He will be playing the mysterious new villain Alexander Kirk, a character who figured largely in Raymond Reddington’s (James Spader) past.

But viewers will soon learn that there is no love lost between these two, for their past is one of treachery and lies. The “charismatic,” but “extremely reclusive” villain owns an energy business operating in more than one country. He knows a dreadful and closely guarded secret of Red’s. And when this big bad turns up, he will use not only his formidable fortune but also his power and influence to hit back at Red.

Thomsen, who also starred in “Banshee” and “Fringe,” is said to be appearing in episode 21 of this latest season three of “The Blacklist” and is speculated to have played a part in what happened to Liz.

It is remembered that, in the previous episode aired April 14, “Mr. Solomon: Conclusion,” Red had witnessed Liz die in the ambulance before reaching the hospital. Tom and Liz had been trying to get away from Mr. Solomon and the group who had tried to kidnap her at their wedding. In their haste, they had a car accident which injured Liz heavily and placed her baby in danger when it was born.

Could Kirk be somehow involved in what happened? Is he connected with the company that Mr. Solomon works for? Whether there is something in this speculation can only be answered towards the end of season three.

It is also rumored that Liz’s death may have been fake and that it was a cover-up of sorts to keep her safe. But as to who it was that planned the cover-up is another source for speculation. It will not be the first time Elizabeth’s death has been faked on the show. Megan Boone who plays Liz is pregnant in real life, and a fake death would be a perfect excuse for the actress to be on her maternity leave and get back in when season four comes around.

Things heat up some more on “The Blacklist” as the season three finale comes around the corner. The show airs on Thursdays 9 p.m. on ABC. The next episode will be “The Artax Network,” airing April 28.

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