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7 Big Spin Offs for ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 [SPOILER ALERT]

ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder ended Season 2 with several shockers: Annalise (Viola Davis) learns that Frank (Charlie Weber) was responsible for her miscarriage, Wes (Alfred Enoch) finds out that Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin) is his father, and viewers discover that the real Hapstall killer is Caleb (Kendrick Sampson). Frank is shunned by Annalise and disappears, Caleb ends his life by slitting his wrists, and Wes goes to confront his father only to witness him getting shot.

Below are 7 things to know about Season 3:

1. Frank will be back. Weber said that he is still a series regular in Season 3. “You know, it’s not about Frank getting back on the team and going to court,” said Weber in the interview. “He doesn’t give a s–t about that. He just wants things to be OK with Annalise.”

2. Wallace Mahoney’s killer might be revealed immediately. Executive producer Pete Nowalk said it is possible that Mahoney’s killer be revealed in the first minute. “There are two options for me — it’s either in the first minute in the show, or that’s a longer mystery because it’s a more complicated story,” said Nowalk.

3. Frank might be Wallace Mahoney’s killer. “It would certainly fit the story, but again I have no idea who pulled that trigger — or why,” Weber said. “Wallace was a powerful man with a lot of enemies, and Frank is certainly one of them.”

Nowalk: “I definitely think that’s what makes sense. He just found out this episode that Wallace was also Wes’ father and he knows Wallace caused that car accident. That would make complete sense. I think I know who shot Wallace at this point and I will not tell you if you’re right or not. I will say sometimes we like to shock you guys and sometimes we like to do what makes sense. It’s all up for grabs.”

4. Laurel’s family life will be explored. It is abundantly clear that Laurel (Karla Souza) considers her family a bad influence and is trying to step away from it all. But aside from a few scenes here and there, her family life has not been thoroughly explored. “I feel like it’s very present,” said Nowalk. “The promise of our show is that we won’t dangle things out too long. The likelihood is yes. We’ve raised that question too many times not to answer it sooner than later.”

5. Asher’s father’s death could be something the show returns to. After his father’s suicide, Asher (Matt McGorry) spent some time trying to prove that it was murder. “It’s possible that we come back to that,” said Nowalk. “At this point, Asher really wanted to believe that his father was killed, because then killing Emily Sinclair was more justified. He’s now in a place where he’s trying to move on from that and accept the reality that he committed suicide.”

6. Bonnie will be stepping up to the plate in Season 3. “She’s almost the mama bear trying to connect everyone,” Nowalk told EW about Liza Weil’s character. “That’s what her role will be. In that, I would like to explore and show you guys more how her and Annalise met, and why Annalise and this family are so important to her.”

7. Old story lines will likely not be returning. Nowalk told Variety that the Hapstall case is “95 percent done.” Rebecca’s (Katie Findlay) storyline is another story. “That’s all up for grabs, as it would be in real life,” said Nowalk. “Secrets sit for 20 years and then they flare up in a moment, like Annalise’s baby did. You never know. I just don’t want to overwhelm the audience with nitty-gritty details.”

Season 3 of ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder returns 24th of Septemer 2016.

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