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‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 Finale: More trouble for Red

The finale of ‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 is expected to bring some more trouble for Red, played by James Spader.

The most recent episode of the series saw the death of Liz, which surely brought misfortune for Red. However, it seems as though there are more challenges ahead for the character when the season concludes.

Recent reports hint that Red will be betrayed in the finale of “The Blacklist” Season 3. As reported by TV Line, the upcoming finale will be titled “Alexander Kirk.” It was revealed that Alexander Kirk is the name of Red’s rival. With that, fans can expect some shocking events to take place.

The role of Alexander Kirk will be played Ulrich Thomsen. According to the synopsis, the character will soon reveal surprising information about Red’ past. It hinted that this upcoming revelation will soon damage Red in a severe way. However, there were no details explaining what will be revealed.

According to TV Line, Kirk was described as, “Charming and charismatic, he is a multi-national businessman whose strong personal ethics and whip-sharp intelligence have made him a major player on the world stage. He is now using his power and resources to strike back against his longtime nemesis, Raymond Reddington.”

With that, fans are speculating that his piece of information will play a big key in what will happen in the fourth season of ‘The Blacklist.’ Meanwhile, other fans have began theorizing on what else will take place in the upcoming season of ‘The Blacklist.”

After the shocking death of Liz, some fans cannot seem to accept that fact that the show’s major character had died. However, there are some theories that the character will be revived in the season to come.

‘The Blacklist’ Season 3 will play on NBC every Thursday nights.


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