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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: What we know so far

With one of television’s biggest weekly audiences, ‘The Walking Dead’ is coasting along, possibly past the point where the only thing likely to end it is an actual worldwide apocalypse where the dead rise up and turn humanity into a grungy skeleton of what it once was. But instead of having the “Which one of your friend group would be Rick?” conversation, we’re going to climb the watchtower to look as far as we can into the future, focusing specifically on Season 7 of The Walking Dead, which nabbed this recent renewal when Season 6 was just three episodes deep. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season.

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t yet watched Season 6 of The Walking Dead or read through the corresponding arc of the comic book series, as a lot of that is covered here.

When Will The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere?

At the time of this writing, AMC hasn’t yet given a shout-out over the walkie-talkie to let anybody know when Season 7 will arrive on our televisions. But it doesn’t take magick in order to divine the answer – or at least a confident estimation – from the universe. For the past four years, ‘The Walking Dead’ has kicked its seasons off on the second Sunday in October, just in time for AMC’s Halloween-themed marathons. So if we were in Vegas (or whatever basement casino ends up being opened up in Alexandria or the Hilltop a couple of years down the road), I would put almost all of my money on Sunday, October 9, being the date chosen for Season 7 to begin, while saving just a bit of cash for Sunday, October 16, which is the same date that Season 2 started. Expect an announcement to come this summer.


What Have We Seen From Season 7 So Far?

With the impending premiere still a ways off, AMC has yet to deliver anything from Season 7 to fans. But don’t you worry your walker-fileting heart, because we’ll have something before you know it. And then before you know that, AMC will have released 1,700 teasers, trailers, clips and motion posters, and it will take all your willpower not to create your own footage using popsicle sticks for characters. What can we use for a tiny eyepatch or bandage for Stick Carl?


What New Characters Will Be Introduced In Season 7?

When Season 7 is unleashed upon viewers, there are definitely going to be some new survivors coming into contact with Rick and the rest, with some virtuous and some not so much. It’s not known at this point who any of those characters are going to be, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make some assumptions based on Robert Kirkman’s source material and who popped in during the last couple of Season 6 episodes, understanding that some of the show’s characters may be altered or combinations of those from the comics. Plus, we’ll only really be getting to know Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan at that point, so he pretty much counts here, too. (More on him later, though.)

Aside from that foul-mouthed tyrant, the most important character that we’ll likely meet is “King” Ezekiel, as seen above, and as made obvious by his speech bubble. His introduction comes not too longer after Negan left his initial skull crater, so we can maybe expect him in the middle of Season 7. Without getting too deep into where Ezekiel’s story goes, we can just say he’s another man-in-charge, and a very likable one at that. The Kingdom is his home, which is presumably also where those armor-laden guys that Morgan met come from. Ezekiel has a tiger named Shiva, too, so have fun thinking about where the show will take that, since showrunner Scott Gimple is keen on the tiger idea himself, although he’s not confirming anything just yet.

There are a couple of Hilltop Colony residents that viewers will hopefully get the privilege to meet soon. One is the local blacksmith – yes, a blacksmith – named Earl, who’s a genial guy that makes weapons and could possibly play a role in Carl’s future. Karen Ceesay’s Bertie, who has already made an appearance, is probably a stand-in for the comic character Brianna, who becomes one of Maggie’s closer friends; but if she isn’t, then expect that character to pop up.

The Saviors also bring out some more noteworthy characters as time goes by. There’s Mark, who suffers a facial fate similar to Dwight, and Amber, the girl on the other side of that awfulness. There’s Carson, another higher-up in the villainous group who has a pretty important function at some point in the future. (Not vague at all.) And there’s another memorable (and dark) scene in the comics that involves a douche named David, so he might show up.

And, of course, there are probably going to be several lower-tier characters that will also make up the background noise and serve as walker kibble later in the season. Check our previous article about ‘The Walking Dead’ here.

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