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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 – New rumors say it was Abraham who was killed by Negan

The Season 6 finale of the American post-apocalyptic survival horror drama series “The Walking Dead” on AMC left a huge cliffhanger when Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, battered one of the main characters of the show to a pulp using Lucille, his baseball bat covered with barbed wire.

Negan had asked all those that his Saviors captured from the group of Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, from Alexandria to line up and kneel before him where he was to choose which one is to receive his punishment. Then he battered the anonymous person to a pulp with reckless abandon and most certainly killed him or her.

The biggest question is who among the key characters of “The Walking Dead” it was. The choices include Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita.

If it is to be based on the comic books, the character who was killed by Negan from the lineup was Glenn, played by Steven Yeun, and all indications seem to indicate that it is Glenn who shall be Lucilled by Negan.

The biggest guy takes the fall

However, the latest round of rumors now indicate that it would not be Glenn who would be battered by Negan but actually Abraham, played by Michael Cudlitz.

It was actually an insider from the set of “The Walking Dead” who reportedly confirmed to a tabloid that it would be Abraham who will die at the hands of Negan and Lucille, reports Celeb Dirty Laundry.

According to the source from the set, Abraham is the biggest guy in the group so Negan taking him out sends a clear and loud message to Rick and everyone else.

During the Season 6 finale, it was shown that it was only Abraham and Carl who remained defiant to Negan while he was making his litany before he Lucilled someone. He even branded Carl as a future serial killer.

Carl is obviously hardened from all the hardships that he has been through right from the start. Although Carl is a good example for Negan to send a huge message to Rick, it seems unlikely that he will batter the teenager to a pulp.

The insider said Abraham has no fear of Negan and that the leader of the Saviors noticed it that is why he had to go via Lucille.

A hard left from the comics

The information released by the insider seems to have found a good leg to stand on when showrunner Scott Gimple recently made a promise that “The Walking Dead” Season 7 plotline would take a hard left from the comic books.

So killing Abraham might be the hard left that Gimple was referring to. As a matter of fact, the TV series has already veered off course from the comics because it was actually Abraham who had been killed by the crossbow coming from Dwight earlier in the comics.

Instead, it was Dr. Denise Cloyd, played by Merritt Wever, who died in his place during the penultimate episode of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead.” In other words, Abraham is on borrowed time so it is possible that his time will be up in front of Negan and Lucille. While it would surely disappoint show fans, it would not be as big as the disappointment that they would get if Glenn is killed.

However, there are still reports confirming or alluding that it is Glenn who got beaten to death by Negan during the Season 6 finale.

Reports have it that AMC has cast the role of Augustus, who is based on the character Ezekiel, the self-proclaimed king of The Kingdom in the comics. The character is flamboyant and wise, as well as nice and weird. He also has a pet tiger named Shiva. In the comics, Rick shall be teaming up with Ezekiel to fight Negan and the Saviors, details BGR.

With the casting of Augustus, it seems that TV show shall be following the plotline of the comics which means that Glenn would take the hit at the hands of Negan.

There are also the reports saying that Steven Yeun has started filming “Okja,” a movie that will be released soon on Netflix.

Yeun stars in the movie along with Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Paul Dano. The film is about a genetically-engineered pig named “Okja” that does not stop growing.

The principal photography of the movie began on April 22 and the film is set to shoot in South Korea, Canada, and the US very soon. The involvement of Steven Yeun in the movie obviously means that he shall no longer have the time to shoot for “The Walking Dead” Season 7 which would start around June this year.

The toss-up on who was killed by Negan is now between Glenn and Abraham although most of the indications seem to point to Glenn as the likely first victim of Negan more than Abraham.

However, all these are mere speculations and the true answer will officially be known once Season 7 of “The Walking Dead” premieres in October this year.

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