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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Will Be Final Season Says Lucy Hale

It’s hard to imagine more than seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Not only is its core cast getting too old to play teenagers, but they are surely interested in exploring new and exciting projects outside of Pretty Little Liars. With Season 7 already announced, we have at least tone and a half more seasons left to enjoy. After that? Well, well let Lucy Hale (Aria) tell you.

Yep, there might be a movie, but in this interview with E! News she makes it sound like Season 7 really is the end. Of course, we’ll still need to hear it from executive producer Marlene King to believe it, especially since set director William M. DeBiasio seems to think more seasons is still a possibility.

On the one hand, we would much rather see PLL wrap things up while it’s still going strong and while everyone involved in the project is still excited about being part of it. On the other hand, part of us never wants Rosewood to go away.

The solution to this problem could lie with a possible Pretty Little Liars movie, which Lucy doesn’t rule out in her interview. Executive producer Marlene King told The Hollywood Reporter that the PLL Powers That Be “talk about it all the time,” and that she’d “love to write it and direct it.” She also told E! Online that a PLL film has always been the ultimate goal. For her part, Lucy told E! Online: “I think we’d all like to see it wrap up with a movie. For all of the us, the dream would be to wrap it up with a film. I think that that would be cool.”



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