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‘The Vampire Diaries’ – Season 7 Episode 21 Trailer, Bonnie’s On The Hunt

The Vampire Diaries crew managed to save Bonnie’s life, only to learn too late that she now wants to kill them all as a thank you. Check out the Episode 21 (“Requiem for a Dream”) trailer below

The Vampire Diaries Season 7: Episode 20 saw the gang work together to complete Rayna’s hit list in order to save Bonnie. Although Damon ended up calling Alex and The Armory for help, and in return promised to hand Bonnie over so that she would open the mysterious vault. Bonnie opened the vault, but then trapped Alex and her men inside The Armory to keep her promise to Virginia that she wouldn’t let the evil inside escape, as teased in TVD Episode 20 trailer. With the list complete, Rayna gave up her last life to save Bonnie. However during the ceremony, the shaman declared that Bonnie will take up Rayna’s cause and continue to hunt vampires until her dying days. Upon hearing this, Damon tried to stop the sacrifice, but was too late. We should have known that Rayna wouldn’t go silently or die easily.

The Vampire Diaries Episode 21 trailer begins with the vampire crew in a panic over Bonnie’s new outlook on life. Enzo declares that Bonnie waking up means she’ll have to kill them all, seeing as she’s a deadly vampire hunter now. Once Bonnie is awake, Damon taunts her by teasing “catch me if you can.” Bonnie has never been one to be toyed with, but now that she’s a witch AND vampire-hunter, and let’s not forget her fiery temper, she’s more dangerous than ever. Stefan says to Caroline:“You’re the first person she kills.” Yay at the fact that they’re actually talking to each other, although it sounds like he’s saying this to dissuade Caroline from trying to help Bonnie. We all know that Caroline will do anything, even get herself killed, to help a friend. It doesn’t take Bonnie very long to get into hunting mode as we see her stab Caroline with a shard of wood, and break someone’s (we think it might be Enzo) neck. Bonnie throws a metal spike at Damon, and then has him pinned downed as she pushes the spike into his chest while Damon begs Bonnie to forgive him. Do you think the vampires will find a way to stop Bonnie before she kills them all?

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