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Michael Weatherly Leaving ‘NCIS’

Michael Weatherly’s final two episodes of NCIS are rapidly approaching (Tuesday, May 10 and 17), and we were already tearing up just thinking about saying goodbye to DiNozzo. Then we watched this promo CBS just released that pays tribute to Tony and the obstacles he’s faced over the past 13 seasons, and we full-blown sobbed.

Yes, in the office. Yes, people stared. No, we’re not sorry about it.

The new video features clips of some of DiNozzo’s most heroic moments over the years—plus some of his final scenes (those are the ones that will get those tears streaming down your face). You will definitely cry while watching Tony hug Abby and Gibbs goodbye, so you might want to find a safe space before you press play on the trailer above.

You’ll also catch a glimpse of Ziva—but before you get your hopes up that Cote de Pablo is returning, we should inform you that it’s an old clip from their farewell scene two seasons ago.

As the end of the promo makes evident, “There’ll be tissues involved,” .“People should absolutely be planning on some really serious, heart-wrenching moments…. I’m very proud of the emotional resonance of what this is”, said Glasberg the NCIS showrunner

Before filming his NCIS swan song, Weatherly starred in the CBS pilot Bull, which is based on Phil McGraw’s early career as a trial consultant. CBS will announce its fall TV pick-ups on May 18.


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