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Will Paul Wesley Leave ‘The Vampire Diaries’ ?

Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries could definitely be the end. There are now reports that Paul Wesley will leave the show at the end of that season. If that happens, it will mean three original cast members (and two being the main characters) are turning their backs on the show.

Kat Graham has already confirmed she is leaving at the end of Season 8. There are also speculations that Ian Somerhalder will say goodbye, based on his tweet last month. Now it appears that Wesley, who plays younger Salvatore brother Stefan, will leave, according to Yibada.

There is no officially confirmation as of yet. Season 8 has not even started filming, let alone talks about continuing after that. The Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec has even said that she has not considered a Season 9 yet. It would depend on whether there were any more stories to tell, and only if there were would she pitch the season to the network.

Somerhalder had previously made it sound like The Vampire Diaries Season 8 would be the last and said that they had a year to give it a great ending. It turns out that he was talking about himself, and even the CW had not decided whether to pull the plug on the show or not. Some people were surprised to hear that the show had been picked up for an eighth Season after all, expecting it to end this year.

If the main cast members — the Salvatore brothers — leave, it is unlikely the show will continue afterwards. It was already hard enough when Nina Dobrev left her role as Elena Gilbert in Season 6. The ratings dropped, and that led to the show moving to the Friday night “death” slot and the constant cancellation rumors.

With the idea that The Vampire Diaries will end soon, fans have shared the way that they would like it to happen. Buddy TV shares some of the ending ideas, including Elena waking up to find out that everything that happened was just a dream. There is no such thing as vampires and werewolves, and Mystic Falls is just as it has ever been.

Some fans want to see The Vampire Diaries cast go to New Orleans and join The Originals. There are already plenty of fans who want to see Klaus and Caroline back together, and the Klaroline shippers have had some hints that it is possible. Just recently, Caroline’s character visited New Orleans only to find out that Klaus was gone and nobody knows where. Klaus has also had to say goodbye to his love Cami, after she died from Lucien’s bite. The obstacles to get around are Caroline’s decision to stay with Alaric and her real love for Stefan.

Other fans have decided they want to see Elena return. There are Stelena and Delena shippers out there who want to see different endings for The Vampire Diaries. Some want Damon and Elena to live happily ever after, while others want Elena to realize that she loves Stefan more and for them to get back together.

Plec already has an ending in mind for the show, and that may come in Season 8. With Graham definitely leaving and Somerhalder and Wesley potentially leaving, it certainly looks like The Vampire Diaries will need to end. That doesn’t meant The Originals has to come to an end, and characters could certainly move across.

For now, the race is on to save Bonnie after she took over Rayna’s last life. She is on the hunt for vampires, and her friends are in danger on The Vampire Diaries.

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