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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 News: The Hunt For Mr. Scratch

The 11th season of “Criminal Minds” has just ended and the finale has given its viewers a hint on what direction the upcoming season 12 would take. Mr. Scratch (Peter Lewis) escaped from prison along with 12 other serial killers and it would be up to the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) to work on predicting their next moves.

Mr. Scratch has proven to be a very clever criminal as he has managed to stage the prison break by using BAU team leader Aaron Hotch. Mr. Scratch’s ability is such that he can control minds that will make everyone in danger of manipulation.

“Criminal Minds” showrunner and executive producer Erica Messer has shared some details about the upcoming season. She said that season 11 finale was set up to give way to “something new and exciting for next year that we’ve never done before.”

It has been some time since a finale ended on a cliffhanger, and Messer shared, “All the writers are on hiatus until June, but we wanted to get a jumpstart on what we think the shape of the season will be.” The viewers were introduced not only to a super villain but a dozen others who are skilled serial killers. She said, “We’re excited to catch these bad guys all over again. Some we will have known, like Mr. Scratch, and others will be bad guys that maybe some of the team hasn’t caught before.”

But they won’t be the only unsubs the team will be dealing with in season 12. Messer revealed that the format of the show will still feature the team’s case for the week while going after the escapees. Some cases will be connected to those who have escaped while others will not.

The upcoming season will be made up of 22 episodes and the premiere will be announced soon.

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