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‘The Blacklist’ : Is Susan Hargrave Tom’s Mother ?

he death, faked or real, of Elizabeth Keen spurred discoveries, revenge, and arrivals of new characters in “The Blacklist” Season 3. The most controversial yet is Susan Hargrave’s meeting ingress as a spinoff series is on the way.

Famke Janssen, as mentions by most, perfectly fits Susan Hargrave as she debuts in “The Blacklist” Season 3 Episode 18. Episode 18 is just a snippet of Susan, aka Scottie, which falls short of as the character is still shrouded in mystery.

Susan Hargrave is tagged as Raymond Reddington’s female version. In her debut episode, she remains calm and cool even she has almost faced death in the hands of Red. But she cannot die yet, as for the reason viewers are all aware of, she is the lead role in the upcoming NBC “The Blacklist” spinoff series.

Who is Susan “Scottie” Hargrave? According to Wall Street Journal, Scottie ranks number 18 in Red’s Blacklist which explains the latter’s reaction when he saw her in the surveillance footage. For years, Red has been hunting her.

What is alarming about her is despite Red’s attempts to ruin her, and as for the moment, she has not made her move yet against her “hunter.” But who is she exactly?

The most popular theory behind Janssen’s Scottie is she is also Katarina Rostova. Katarina Rostova is alleged biological mother of Masha Rostova, aka Elizabeth Keen. In Masha’s knowledge and according to Red, Katarina was burned when Masha was young and is dead.

Another theory is Susan Hargrave is Tom Keen’s biological mother instead of Liz Keen’s. The reason behind the theory is that Tom will star along Susan in “The Blacklist” spinoff series. The latest trailer for the Season 3 finale which you can watch below, sees Susan affectionately talking and recruiting Tom.

However, some details surface on the spinoff series saying it will be Tom versus Susan. Viewers may actually see a son against mother fight in the coming spinoff.

A third theory proposes Susan Hargrave is from Cabal and returns to seek reprisal against Liz and Red for destroying the organization. Susan starts with Liz as her death may actually inflict more pain to Red. The theory makes sense IF Susan will indeed appear in the spinoff series as a villainess against Tom who will continue to avenge Liz’s death.

Which theory you think is more plausible?

Stay tuned for more “The Blacklist” Season 3 and spinoff series updates here.

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