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‘Criminal Minds’ Saying Goodbye After Season 12? EP Hints What’s Next For BAU Team

Criminal Minds,” the highly popular police crime drama on CBS, recently concluded its 11th season with a major cliffhanger which left the TV series’ fans to look forward to Season 12.

The show has continued to build a massive following among small screen viewers throughout eleven seasons and even counting as CBS has officially declared that “Criminal Minds” is renewed for a 22-episodic run for Season 12. However, the question remains whether the series will be saying goodbye and close the curtain after 12 installments.

International Business Times reports that “Criminal Minds” Season 12 will pick up from the major cliffhanger from last season. For the uninformed, the Season 11 finale of “Criminal Minds” concluded with a mind-boggling puzzle that will continue the storyline for next season. Agent Hotch was framed for a crime he didn’t commit and was arrested but was cleared following the investigation.

The said crime plot was said to stage the escape of Peter Lewis or otherwise known as “Mr. Scratch” and 13 other serial killers from prison. It is anticipated that Agent Hotch, JJ, David and the rest of the FBI BAU team will take on the destruction spurred by the miscreants.

In addition, showrunner and executive producer Erica Messer also dropped teasers, giving fans a bird’s-eye-view of what could be happening in the next season. As reported by TV Guide, Messer said, “We do know that we want Mr. Scratch to be part of Season 12 in some capacity, or at least the idea of Mr. Scratch being out there.”

Also, the EP revealed the possibility of a serial storytelling including the risks that the team will encounter as they face off with deadly serial killers who are now on the loose.

“You can get away with a little more serialized storytelling than when we started the series. We’re excited to catch these bad guys all over again. Some we will have known, like Mr. Scratch, and others will be bad guys that maybe some of the team hasn’t caught before.

That allows us to have some creative license. And of course, there will be our case of the week that may or may not be running parallel with catching a guy who escaped. I feel like, going into Season 12, we’ve had more opportunities for stories than we’ve had in a really long time,” said Messer.

“Criminal Minds”is on hiatus at the moment. However, production is expected to begin in July. The premiere date of Season 12 is expected this Fall season.


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