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Robin Hood’s 6 Most Heroic Moments on ‘Once Upon a Time’

While Robin Hood will primarily be remembered for being Regina’s second chance at love, the character is much more than just a love interest. There are many wonderful Once Upon a Time moments with Robin Hood since he joined the series at the start of season 3. (There’s even more if you count his guest star appearances in season 2, when he was played by a completely different actor.) Robin Hood is a man of honor, compassion and trust. It’s no wonder he became a fan favorite so quickly. Here are 6 of Robin Hood’s best moments on Once Upon a Time.

1. Robin Hood and Mulan
The Merry Men pretty much waned in importance on Once Upon a Time as Robin became more and more involved in the main group of heroes. It was through the Merry Men that Once Upon a Time established that Robin was an excellent and understanding leader. This trait was very clear when Robin met Mulan in the Enchanted Forest and quickly sensed her heartbreak and sense of hopelessness. Robin offered Mulan a spot in his Merry Men and she gladly accepted. It’s just a shame we never saw more of their working relationship.

2. Robin Hood Breaking Into Oz
Another of Robin’s short-lived but great friendships was the uneasy partnership he formed with Will Scarlett. Robin first met Will during his thieving trip to Oz. Though he had some assistance from Will, Robin was mostly left alone with his wits and wiles as he broke into the Wicked Witch’s palace in Oz to steal something to save his wife, life and business. Robin’s heist into Oz was proof positive that he was, and always will be, a master thief.

3. Robin Looks After Rumple in NYC
Like many heroes on Once Upon a Time, Robin Hood has a very complicated relationship with Rumplestilskin. Also like many heroes on Once Upon a Time, Robin’s history with Rumple involves blackmail, lying and violence. None of that mattered to Robin, however, when both Robin and Rumple ended up in New York City in season 4 of Once Upon a Time. Despite their long and uneasy past, Robin continually looked after Rumple and made sure that he was alright. Robin’s compassion for Rumple is just another example of his heroic selflessness.

4. Robin Sees the Good in Regina
Robin and Regina have wonderful chemistry together but the connection often went deeper. This moment is less about Regina and Robin as a couple and more about Robin himself. When Regina was doubting, for the umpteenth time, that she was a good person or worthy of happiness Robin convinced her otherwise. Robin sees the good in Regina always. Robin is able to recognize that just because someone has done questionable things in their past, does not meant they will always be a terrible person.

5. Robin Gives Up Stealing for Marian
While Marian eventually became an annoying and bland obstacle standing the way of Robin and Regina’s romance. (A bland obstacle that turned out to be Zelena in disguise.) There was a time when Robin and Marian were very much in love and Robin was every bit as wonderful to Marian as he was to Regina later in his life. There is a real sweetness to the flashbacks of Robin’s early life with Marian and once again his selfless nature is on full display. After meeting Marian, Robin not only fell in love with her but pretty much gave up his dangerous life of thieving so that they could build a family together and be safe.

6. Robin Doing What’s Best for Roland
The parents on Once Upon a Time are kind of horrible. Child endangerment is the name of the parenting game in Storybrooke. It really doesn’t take much to be considered an A+ parent on Once Upon a Time but still Robin was pretty fantastic to his son Roland and the brief time he spent with his infant daughter. Robin constantly puts the needs of his children above his own and always made sure that his children were safe and happy. This is especially true when Robin left Storybrooke with “Marian” so that Roland could go up with both his mother and father surrounding him.
But what do you think? What are your favorite Robin Hood moments? Did we miss any big ones?
Once Upon a Time season 5 airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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