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‘American Horror Story’ season 6: Old character from ‘Murder House’ returning? [SPOILER]

Will the cancellation of “Nashville” pave the way to Connie Britton’s inclusion in “American Horror Story” season 6?

The shocking cancellation of “Nashville” starring Connie Britton has led many to thinking that the actress might turn her attention to “American Horror Story” season 6 as a silver lining to the situation.

In the past, the actress has expressed strong desire to be part of “American Horror Story” once more after her stint in the debut season of the horror anthology subtitled “Murder House.”

When “American Horror Story: Coven” was ongoing and “Nashville” was still on (that was around 2013), she told Rolling Stone that she and the former’s creators were trying to figure out how she can do both.

“I hope it happens,” Britton said that time. And now that “Nashville” was canceled, and that there seem to be no projects that will prevent her from doing so, Britton might make a comeback in “American Horror Story” season 6.

The new season of the series is still in development stages although a lot of the cast members have been confirmed to return including Lady Gaga.

Finn Wittrock recently talked about what to expect on “American Horror Story” season 6, although he hasn’t announced his own return to the series yet.

“I have heard it is going to be a little tighter — there were so many story lines in the last one and it was so big and epic, I have a feeling it might be a little more claustrophobic. A smaller cast,” the actor told The Wrap.

Wittrock has some ongoing movie projects, so the schedule might make it hard for him to star in “American Horror Story” season 6. He did reveal that he has been talking to the creators and that he “definitely [wants] to do it.”

“I think they literally keep us in the dark so we can’t spill the beans even if we wanted to… I know that they are actively writing it right now — they are still figuring out what to do,” Wittrock explained.

“American Horror Story” season 6 is expected to premiere this October.

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