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‘American Horror Story’: Finn Wittrock wants to do season 6

American Horror Story is getting ready for its sixth season on FX, and fans will see a new story unfold next season.

Finn Wittrock starred on both season four and season five of the series, and he wants to return for season six, according to The Wrap.

The actor spoke about his desire to return for season six and teased a bit about the plot – which has not yet been revealed. He said the following:

“There’s a little film stuff happening so it might be tough schedule wise, but yeah, I definitely want to do it. I have heard it is going to be a little tighter — there were so many story lines in the last one and it was so big and epic, I have a feeling it might be a little more claustrophobic. A smaller cast. I’ve talked about doing a few episodes, but nothing has been set in stone. I think they literally keep us in the dark so we can’t spill the beans even if we wanted to. I’ve heard lots of different rumors about it, but even last year, I didn’t know about ‘Hotel’ until a few months before we started. I know that they are actively writing it right now — they are still figuring out what to do.”

American Horror Story will return for season six in October. Angela Bassett has already confirmed her return to the franchise. Are you excited to see what Ryan Murphy takes on for season six? Tell us what you think.

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