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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Premiere, Updates: ‘Season 12’s Confirmation Delay Caused By Insufficient Funds And ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’?

Fans of the police crime drama series, Criminal Minds, are now relieved after CBS confirmed that it will renew the show with another season. It can be recalled that it was on May 4 when the eleventh season of the series reached its conclusion.

Two days after the Season 11 finale episode aired, the network finally announced that its viewers will see 22 episodes in Criminal Minds Season 12, TVLine reported.

According to reports, the delay for Criminal Minds Season 12 announcement was certainly not due to the performance of the recent season. In fact, it was revealed that the previous season of the series did great in terms of its ratings, and that Criminal Minds Season 11 acquired a total of 9 million households in every episode.

It is said that the cause of delay of CBS to confirm the renewal of Criminal Minds Season 12 could be due to the lack of budget. Since the Criminal Minds is one of the longest running shows in the network, it is said to have increase in terms of its operational cost, causing lack of funds for the network.

Furthermore, it was also claimed that one of the factors why CBS waited for a longer time to renew Criminal Minds to its 12th Season is because the network was already airing a spinoff of the show, titled Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Meanwhile, according to reports, the departure of one of the show’s original cast members, Shemar Moore (who plays Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds), decreased the expenses of the 12th season, which is somewhat a bad news and good news for the series and network, respectively.

The decision of Moore to leave the series was said to be because the actor wanted to grow as an actor, and that he wants to know what he can still offer to his fans, Hollywood Life has learned. Moore added that despite the fact that he loves working as an actor, he is also a family guy, and he wants to balance things out to spend more time with his personal life, specifically with his family.

CBS has not yet released any information relating to the release date of Criminal Minds Season 12. Perhaps, in the coming months, the network may give details about the upcoming season’s premiere date and plot.

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