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Derek Morgan’s Most Heroic Moments on ‘Criminal Minds’

Criminal Minds will never be the same now that Derek Morgan has left the building. The beloved Supervisory Special Agent chose to say goodbye to his life at the BAU to be with his family, leaving a void that no one can ever fill. There are certainly many things fans will miss about Derek such as his friendship with Garcia, his bro moments with Reid and of course his abs but perhaps nothing will compare to his courageous efforts to save lives. Here are five of Derek Morgan’s most heroic moments on Criminal Minds:

When Derek saved an entire mall from an anthrax Attack

Season 2 Episode 10 “Lessons Learned”


When the grand opening of one of America’s largest malls became the target of an anthrax attack, Derek was able to take down the terrorists just moments before they were able to release the chemicals into air vents.

When Derek Saved an Entire City

Season 4, Episode 1 “Mayhem”


When the BAU discovered that bombs sporadically going off all over D.C. are part of a large-scale terrorist attack, the team had to race against time to save everyone. But once again, Derek stepped up by driving an ambulance loaded with bombs out to an empty field just in time.


When Derek Saved Ellie Spicer

Season 6, Episode 1 “The Longest Night”



Following the death of  Detective Spicer, Derek kept his promise to him to save his daughter Ellie from killer Billie Flynn.  He brutally gunned Flynn down in front of the hostages and in the end, tearfully reunited with Ellie.


When Derek Saved David Rossi’s Life

Season 6, Episode 24 “Supply and Demand”


When David Rossi came face to face with a ring leader of a murder sindicate, who was about to kill him, Derek shot her and ultimately saved Rossi’s life.


When Derek Fought for His Life

Season 11, Episode 16 “Derek”


When Derek was abducted and tortured by a group of criminals with sinister motives, he dissociated himself from the pain his body was enduring and was able to make amends with his late father through hallucination. After realizing that Savannah’s pregnant, Derek fought for his life and broke free from his binds and then killed all of the henchmen.

What’s your favorite Derek Morgan moment?

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