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Which Characters Die In The Walking Dead Season 7?

When The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season, it will do so with a vengeance. The show which built itself on the premise of no character being safe seemed to get a bit complacent with its main players for its sixth season.

Right off the bat, one character will be offed to start the new season, but beyond that, season seven promises to be a deadly one as Rick’s group marches into a war with Negan’s Saviors. When the smoke clears, who will be left standing?

Let’s take a look at who is in danger and who is safe for season seven based on how the show has played out so far and how it all goes down in the comics…

Rick- Safe. Rick Grimes has a lot of work to do and a war to win.

Carl- Safe. Someone will have to take the torch from Rick when his time comes.

Maggie- Safe. While the fate of her baby is questionable, Maggie will go on to emerge as a leader regardless. In the comics, she topples Gregory’s leadership at the Hilltop and becomes the leader the community needed.

Glenn- Danger. We all know how Glenn went out in the comics. If he managed to escape death by Negan’s bat, his death is probably not far off regardless. No one is invincible.

Eugene- Danger. He has come a long way. Perhaps the furthest of any character. Now that his bullet manufacturing abilities have been handed off in the form of a note, Eugene is all good to check out.

Aaron- Not safe, no in danger. Aaron lives on the comics but he feels like one of the characters who could substitute death for another, much like Denise did for Abraham. However, if Aaron were to die, his boyfriend Eric would have no story left to tell.

Eric- Danger. Eric falls victim to the war right in front of his boyfriend during a battle with the Saviors in the comics. He hasn’t played a major role on the show but if Aaron is to stick around and need some additional motivation, this is it.

Abraham- Danger. Happy endings don’t happen on The Walking Dead. While he was spared his comic book death when Denise took the arrow, he’s getting awfully cozy Sasha and that never ends well.

Rosita- Safe. Rosita has a long way to go. The character will likely find herself and fit in with the group better as time goes on and also serve as a useful soldier in Rick’s army.

Sasha- Danger. Sasha lives dangerously and often puts herself in harm’s way. Doing this with Negan isn’t smart. Serving as the TV equivalent to Holly in the Abraham love triangle storyline, Sasha may just become a weapon in walker form which Negan may unleash on Alexandria.

Daryl- Danger. The Walking Dead will be looking to shock its audience like it did in the early seasons and killing off a Daryl or Michonne in an effective manner would do just that.

Michonne- Not safe, not in danger. Rick’s love interests never seem to make it out alive. However, Michonne is a main player in the comics despite not ever being in a relationship with the Sheriff.

Negan- Safe. He may lose the war, but he won’t lose his life.

Dwight- Safe. In the comics, Dwight eventually betrays Negan and helps Rick’s side win the war. He has several internal struggles that play out and help readers fall in love with him. We expect to see some of the redeeming qualities on television.

Father Gabriel- Danger. Father Gabriel’s time may come as he has finally stepped up and put himself into the fight. At this point, his loss wouldn’t be an easy one, either.

Carol- Danger. In the comics, Carol committed suicide by feeding herself to walkers. Her character is in an emotional state at the moment, so that destiny could be fulfilled.

Morgan- Not safe, not in danger. The man who values all life is clearly willing to break his code when it counts, but his prophecy may be passed down to Carol like Eastman’s was to him. He could make the ultimate sacrifice for someone else.

Spencer- Danger. Negan just might want to see this kid’s guts.

Jesus- Safe. Jesus becomes a right hand man to Rick’s group and an adviser to Maggie as she leads the Hilltop. He’s not going anywhere.

Gregory- Safe. Unfortunately, the arrogant leader of the Hilltop will likely stick around, too.

Who do you think is in danger when The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season?

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