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NCIS Season 14 Spoilers: What’s Next After DiNozzo’s Departure?

We’ve got just the right thing for fans out there who are wondering what’s next after Special Agent DiNozzo made his exit in the hit CBS series: more NCIS season 14 spoilers!

In NCIS season 13, episode 24 titled Family First, DiNozzo suffered through the death of his love interest, Special Agent Ziva David, after a mortar exploded in her house. However, he also learned that he actually has a daughter with Ziva so he decided to leave NCIS, presumably to take care of their child and to investigate more about Ziva’s death.

The long-time character of Anthony DiNozzo Jr. (Michael Weatherly) has been in 305 episodes of NCIS so his departure from the series during the NCIS season 13 finale will undoubtedly shake up the way the series runs. However, considering the circumstances surrounding DiNozzo’s exit, it’s still highly probable that he’ll be back for some future action.

Also, fans have no need to worry about the future of the show as producer Gary Glasberg noted that there are still a lot of stories left to tell in season 14 and 15. Besides, another old-timer is still there in the person of Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) who is like a father and mentor to DiNozzo.

“I still have Mark Harmon, and the family is still in place,” Glasberg said. In fact, the family is about to grow with the addition of two new characters at the end of season 13. Tess Monroe and Clayton Reeves from FBI and MI6 respectively, are expected to produce an interesting dynamics with the old characters of the series.

Fans can also expect NCIS season 14 to investigate if Agent Ziva is truly dead and what will happen to Agent Fornell after he was shot by rogue Agent Kort. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that the series is not about to end soon.

How well could the rest of the NCIS cast carry the show now that the charming Agent DiNozzo is out of the picture? Do you believe Agent Ziva really died in that mortar attack? Tune in here for more NCIS Season 14 spoilers!

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