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‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Spoilers, News & Update: Matt Bomer Reveals The Fate of His Character

American Horror Story” season 6 may have not started yet but there are already speculations and rumors swirling around the highly-anticipated new season. Matt Bomer’s character was already killed off the show, but the actor revealed that fans have not seen the last of him just yet.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: Matt Bomer to return in the American anthology horror television series?

Movie News Guide reports that Matt Bomer is set to reprise his role in “American Horror Story” season 6 during an interview with Magic Radio.

Although Matt Bomer confirmed his comeback, he noted that he will not be present in all episodes of “American Horror Story” season 6.

Matt Bomer also played it coy leaving the rest of the detail out saying, “I don’t really know what the concept is.” As of now, fans of “American Horror Story” season 6 are left with no choice but to wait for the premiere to feed their curiosity.


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