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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Spoilers: Is a Wedding on the Way ?

Agent Tim McGee is about to have a very busy season when NCIS returns for season 14. TVGuide reports that big changes are coming for McGee in the wake of Tony’s departure from the team. Not only will McGee get a promotion but there might be some significant changes in his personal life. A lot of signs point to wedding bells being rung in McGee’s very near future on NCIS.

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NCIS is bringing on several new actors following Michael Weatherly’s departure from the show. Still, someone needs to take over Tony’s actual job on the team and for that position, NCIS is promoting from within. McGee will take over Tony’s job as senior field agent. “He has taken over that mantle,” NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg told TVGuide. “And with that comes tremendous responsibility.”

McGee might be taking on more even responsibility in season 14 when it comes to his personal life, however. Rumors point to McGee proposing to longtime girlfriend Delilah in NCIS season 14. It’s also very possible that by the time season 14 comes to a close NCIS fans will see McGee and Deliah actually get married on-screen.
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It doesn’t make an incredible amount of sense to wait for McGee and Delilah to get married, assuming they do get engaged early in season 14. The prospect of an upcoming wedding is exciting for more reasons than the two characters finally putting some real commitment into their relationship. Perhaps McGee’s wedding will serve as a chance for Michael Weatherly (and Tony) to return to NCIS, however briefly, for a wedding cameo.
But what do you think? Will McGee and Delilah get engaged and married in season 14? Do you want to see them married? Who do you think will turn up for the wedding? Who do you want see at the wedding?
NCIS season 14 premieres Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm on CBS.

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