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‘The Blacklist’ season 4 spoilers, news: Tom and Liz to face struggles in raising Agnes

Following the shocking twist in the finale of “The Blacklist” season three, there are new stories that need to be explained further and there are new lives to be prioritized as the hit show prepares for its fourth installment.

As fans know, Tom (Ryan Eggold) escaped to Cuba with baby Agnes. Liz (Megan Boone) was supposed to be reunited with them but the reunion with her family was cut short with the entry of Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen), who dropped a bombshell: he is Liz’s biological father.

If Kirk’s claims are true, this poses a lot of danger for Liz and Red (James Spader). Red has a long and bitter history with Kirk and fans were given a closer look at just how much Red disdains his archenemy when he tried to track him down in the previous installment to end his life.

Meanwhile, the big question is: How will everyone move on from the betrayal and lies? Most especially, how will new parents Liz and Tom handle the complicated situation they’re in?

Speaking with TV Guide, Eggold said: “What is at stake for their relationship [now] is really their daughter… Can they be parents? Can they bring a person into this chaotic, criminal world that they have?”

At this point, Liz and Tom should understand that they will need to prioritize raising baby Agnes and keeping her out of the mess they’re in. The bigger question is: Will Red understand and help out with the process of raising Agnes out of the chaos?

At this point, Red is Liz’s only hope for survival even if she betrayed him. Red is, of course, hurt and frustrated over the betrayal but obviously, he’s still willing to get his former partner out of harm’s way and out of Kirk’s hold. Whatever happens in “The Blacklist” season four will hopefully be best for the new family member who has yet to understand how complicated the world she lives in is.

“The Blacklist” season four premieres September 22 on NBC.

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