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Fox News Reporter Reveals That Hillary Clinton Is Lying About Trump’s Taxes

You know a lot is being made about Donald Trump and all his ‘failed’ business ventures. The liberals would have you believe that he’s business killer, but that’s not true at all. Wait, the liberals are lying the public about something? Color me not surprised at all.

What we SHOULD be talking about is how even though Trump had business and other ventures go bankrupt, he’s built them back up and given countless thousands of Americans jobs and livehoods. Can Hillary Clinton claim that?. Yes, I thought not.

So Stuart Varney went on the O’Reilly factor and set every liberal straight that said anything bad about Trump. Yea, it’s epic and you’re going to want to watch this one in full.

”Donald J. Trump was contributing to America by regrowing his business, which now employs thousands of people. . . I think that’s a better contribution to the economy and to America than pumping into the goverment, which wastes an awful lot of it.”

And you know who’s part of the government? Hillary. And you know who wastes money? Hillary. She raised $33 million last month, where the hell did all that money go? Trump didn’t raise nearly that much and he is up in the polls!

Trump will do exactly the same thing for America. He’ll build it back up the same way he’s done with his succesful and profitable businesses. Hillary can’t claim that. Ever

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