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‘The Blacklist’ Season 4, Episode 15 Spoilers: Red DEAD from poisoning or NOT ?

‘The Blacklist’ season 4’s episode 15, titled “The Apothecary,” is set to follow Liz as she and her team as they race to save Red from dying from a lethal dose of poison. Liz will attempt to hunt down the culprit responsible for designing the toxin.

The synopsis for “The Apothecary” posted on TV Muse reads, “After being given a dose of deadly poison, Red (James Spader) must find out which of his closest confidants betrayed him; Liz (Megan Boone) and the task force search for the toxin’s designer in a desperate attempt to save Red.”

The upcoming episode will feature Raymond “Red” Reddington as he struggles to retrace his steps in order to figure out who may have betrayed him. He will have to fight for his life in the process, according to Cartermatt.

The promo for the upcoming two-hour winter finale hints at Red in respiratory distress as he attempts to fight for his life. It opens to Red telling the task force that he has been poisoned.

It was revealed in previous episodes that a mysterious villain has been targeting Red and his associates in order to shut down his criminal operation for good. In fact, this person hired an assassin named Isabella Stone (Melora Hardin) to take Red down once and for all.

In the previous episode, titled “The Architect,” the task force tasked Aram to take on an undercover identity as a hacker to find a blacklister planning to commit a crime. Red also managed to interrogate Isabella in an attempt to retrieve information about the traitor, who was out to get him.

Red learned that Isabella went for the job after receiving an envelope full of information about him as well as a large amount of cash. The culprit used Isabella’s connection to Red to his advantage. It was later revealed that the money sent over to Isabella came from one of Red’s accounts, revealing a traitor within his own operation.

‘The Blacklist’ season 4’s episode 15, titled “The Apothecary,” is scheduled to air on February 23, 2017 on NBC.

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