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‘The Blacklist’: The Reason Why Saram and Aram Will Never be a Couple

What’s the deal with Samar and Aram?

The chemistry these two have is real but they have yet to respond to each other. It’s been clear that Aram has feelings for Samar as far back as the first season but Samar’s feelings were bottled up until recently. When Samar found out the Aram was dating Elise she practicallywanted to kill the undercover spy for breaking Aram’s heart. And how can we forget the temper tantrum Aram threw when he found out Samar slept with Agent Ressler.

However, the pair would not work.

Aram is a good man with a good heart and as much as he has feelings for Samar, she would break his heart in 1000 ways. She wouldn’t mean do it but let’s be honest here. Over the course of the show, she’s been a bit sporadic and tends to be a tad cold towards others. Yes, even her teammates. Aram wears his heart on his sleeve while Samar has shown signs of the ice melting around her’s she still a robot with a badge and gun.

With Samar being in the field surrounded by bullets, and Aram being delegated to desk duties, the worry he has shown for her safety would drive him crazy if they were to become a couple. But, that doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy a few romantic nights together to get their needs out the way.

They both know everything about one another as that was brought out when Elise asked Samar about Aram’s taste in food. Aram has shown his feelings more than once but the best may have been when Samar found out that Aram makes more than she does. Aram, being the Knight in Shining Armor, went to HR and willingly gave up half his pay to make up the difference.

That’s love. But too bad it can never be.

I would love to see them together for the simple fact that if Liz and Tom can make it then anyone can but I won’t get my hopes up too high.Aram and Samar are the Ross/Rachel, Miles/Daphne of The Blacklist. Couples we know should be together but yet there is every obstacle in the world stopping that from happening.

In this case, no one is stopping them but themselves and that may be for the best

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