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Andrew Lincoln reveals season finale of The Walking Dead will be ‘incredibly satisfying’

The Walking Dead has consistently received it’s lowest ratings since season three after the killing off of one of the program’s most beloved characters.

But leading man Andrew Lincoln insists that the last episode will prove to be gratifying for those who have stuck around.

The 43-year-old British actor revealed to Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday that the season 7 finale will be ‘incredibly satisfying.’

He told the weekly: ‘There’s a palpable sense of energy and excitement in that final episode.’

Andrew added that he felt like even the crew felt the ‘brilliancy’ of the episode as everyone was working really hard to keep the momentum going even if it was a long season.

He explained:  ‘I’ve never felt that before in the show. Everybody was like, “Yeah, darn it, let’s do season 8 now!” It was a really unique situation and everybody felt it.

‘So I think if we get it right, it will be an incredibly satisfying ending to season 7.’

Showrunner Scott Gimple added to EW that the finale has pretty much everything a diehard fan would want out of the episode.

The 45-year-old said: ‘It is everything and the kitchen sink. It is exciting and it’s very emotional and I believe it’s funny in a couple parts, and it builds and builds and builds and it explodes. And though it promises more — because there is a whole lot to get to — there is an ending.’

Gimple added that it is such a huge episode because it mixes in all the elements from the entire season.

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