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Will DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) Comeback?

In “NCIS” Season 14, the introduction of three new characters, Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres, Jennifer Esposito’s Alex Quinn, and Duane Henry’s Clayton Reeves, can’t fill the hole left behind by Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo character. Michael Weatherly, the actor playing the beloved “NCIS” character Tony DiNozzo, left the show last season. Currently, Michael Weatherly is the lead star of another CBS show, “Bull”.

There are rumors speculating that another “NCIS” character will leave the show, will “NCIS” Season 14’s ratings continue to drop?


With the disappointing ratings of the show, even if CBS renewed “NCIS” for its fifteenth season, it could still eventually lead to its cancellation. Current showrunners are hoping that Michael Weatherly’s return can revive the fourteenth season of “NCIS”. Michael Weatherly’s new show, “Bull” is also experiencing low ratings although CBS renewed it for a second season.

Hopefully, Michael Weatherly’s “Bull” gets canceled before “NCIS” does so that Tony DiNozzo can come back. In a recent interview, Michael Weatherly has even pitched an “NCIS”-“Bull” crossover. Either way, good luck to both shows. Catch “NCIS” Season 14 Tuesdays on CBS followed by “Bull” right after!

All in all if  “Bull” gets canceled before “NCIS” Michael Weatherly will return to “NCIS” !

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