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American Horror Story: Could Sarah Paulson’s Coven character return in season 7?

Warning: Contains spoilers for American Horror Story season six.

American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson has revealed which character she’d like to reprise in a forthcoming season of the show, teasing it could also potentially happen.

The 42-year-old actress reprised the role of a former character on the show in American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare; playing an older version of investigative journalist Lana Winters from the second season, Asylum.

It’s potentially opened the door to other characters returning in future seasons, so inevitably the actress was recently asked which character she’d also like to return too.

Speaking at Paley Fest on the panel for the FX show (via Deadline), Sarah said: ‘Cordelia Foxx, because I would like to see her getting her powers as the Supreme.

‘Maybe we’ll get to see that.’

Cordelia was the Supreme witch in season three of the show, titled American Horror Story: Coven, after believing for the majority her mother Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) was actually the top witch.

Denis O’Hare also revealed on the panel he’d like to reprise his role of his Murder House alter-ego Larry Harvey, saying: ‘I’d like to see him get out of jail, he’s probably been organizing musicals there.’

Considering Roanoke saw the show breakaway from the self-contained season mould, it wouldn’t be completely out there if we saw more reprisals or crossovers in the future.

Actually, show creator Ryan Murphy recently confirmed a ‘bizarre’ crossover between Murder House and Coven was in the works. So could Sarah and Denis be dropping some not-so-subtle teasers?

It was recently announced American Horror Story season 7 will revolve around the recent US election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with the first episode taking place on election night.


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