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‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Petition For Thomas Gibson’s Return As Show Awaits Renewal

Fans continue to petition for the return of Thomas Gibson in “Criminal Minds.” To date, there are 10 requests asking CBS to reinstate the actor, despite that the fate of the series for a renewal remains up in the air.

A quick search in Change for Thomas Gibson brings up several petitions from fans asking for the return of the actor in “Criminal Minds.” There are several reasons mentioned, including the importance of his character in the series. One fan named Sabrina Bassett said that Gibson’s Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner is the backbone of the show.

Likewise, the fan reasoned out that it was not Gibson’s fault that he was fired from “Criminal Minds.” She said that the producer should have been removed instead since he turned the verbal argument into a physical fight. Gibson was supposedly only defending himself and his actions did not warrant a removal from the show.

“It will not survive without Thomas Gibson, and quite frankly, it shouldn’t. The fact that a man who has been on this show since episode one can get fired for defending himself is despicable,” the fan wrote on her petition to reinstate Gibson to “Criminal Minds.”

The fan may be right with regard to the show’s fate. CBS has yet to confirm if “Criminal Minds” is up for renewal or not. Whether Gibson may be back or not, the chances of another season continue to dwindle with every episode. The show has not been receiving good numbers lately, which could lead to its cancellation.

According to Deadline, “Criminal Minds” is in limbo since CBS has not picked it up for a Season 13. Talks with ABC Studios whether to renew the show remain on the bubble. There are also reports that the show might lose some of its casts if ever the renewal happens.

As it stands, the fate of “Criminal Minds” getting a Season 13 remains up in the air. Likewise, whether CBS brings back Gibson ahead of the show’s cancellation or renewal remain unknown. Reports have it that his altercation with the producer completely lessened his chances of returning to the show.


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