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‘The Walking Dead’: Top Predictions for the Season 7 Finale

The season 7 finale of The Walking Dead is this Sunday, and fans are putting together all their best theories about what is going to happen and who might die. It looks like a big battle is brewing. Rick has the Junkyard team, the Hilltop Community, and The Kingdom on his side. He also has all of Oceanside Community’s guns. But will they come even close to comparing to The Saviors? And will the “little birdie” who has been talking to Negan about Rick’s plans spoil everything? Click through the gallery to see the top fan theories and predictions about the finale. Then let us know in the comments below what you think is going to happen. This post does not contain spoilers from the comics, but it does contain minor spoilers for the finale based on trailers released by AMC.

A Little Birdie Might Bring More Deaths to Rick’s Plan

Rick has a lot of plot armor and it’s tough to believe that he’s actually going to die. But the “little birdie” who’s been telling Negan about Rick’s plans might cause trouble and maybe even lead to more deaths. A top theory is that this little birdie is Jadis from the junkyard group. That seems pretty likely, since her group tends to just use people and then discard them. It’s also possible Dwight might be a “triple agent” of sorts or Dr. Carson from Hilltop told Negan everything after he was taken away. Some fans, meanwhile, think Negan was bluffing as an interrogation tactic and he doesn’t have anyone on the inside of Rick’s group. Who do you think the little birdie is?

Dwight Won’t Betray Rick

Fans’ prevailing theory is that Dwight really does want Negan dead and he won’t double-cross Rick. If this is true, will he and Daryl ever be able to bury the hatchet? Fans are hoping that at some point, they’ll be crossbow-wielding allies. Do you think Dwight is serious when he says that he wants to help Rick’s team and can slow Negan down?

Daryl Might Die

Some fans are pretty convinced that a major character will die and this time it might be Daryl. Since he’s a big fan favorite, it’s tough to believe. But now that Dwight is here to take his place as a crossbow-wielder, and Carol has found a new potential “ship” interest in Ezekiel, it seems more likely. Do you think Daryl’s story is over?

Sasha Will Play a Key Role in the Finale

Fans believe that Sasha will play a key role in the finale, since trailers for the next episode show that she’s still alive. Eugene gave her a poison pill but she hasn’t used it yet. Some believe that Negan will take her back to Alexandria and demand surrender or she’ll be killed, at which time she’ll take the poison pill. Others believe she’ll take the pill at some point when she thinks there’s a chance she’ll turn into a zombie and possibly take Negan out. Still others are predicting that she will try to poison Negan after pretending to join the Saviors, and that’s why she didn’t take the pill after Eugene gave it to her. This last prediction seems most plausible.

Eugene Isn’t Loyal to Negan

Despite Eugene’s protests and swearing of loyalty, fans believe we’ll find out in the finale that Eugene isn’t loyal to Negan and he’ll play a big role in Negan’s takedown. Eugene’s talks with Sasha really indicated this. He told her that siding with Negan was a “hold your nose” type of situation, “but taking up with the management here is the correct select.” Eugene is smart and biding his time to make his big move. However, not all fans buy this theory. Negan also told Sasha that being part of the Sanctuary meant that he would never have to be brave and face terror again and if that is truly important to him, he might not turn on Negan.

Negan Won’t Die

Although deaths of the “big bad characters” often happen in finales of The Walking Dead, fans don’t think it will happen this time. Negan’s far too popular. Remember when the Governor didn’t die in his first battle, but it was a second battle at the prison where he was finally taken out? Fans think Negan will survive the finale too. Either things will end in a standoff, with many people dead, or Negan might actually be taken hostage. But either way, he likely will live to see another episode.

Some Characters Will Die, But Fans Are Divided on If It Will Be a Major Character

Where would a finale of The Walking Dead be if a big character didn’t die? Some fans theorize it will be Daryl, but other fans think that after Glenn and Abraham’s deaths, we won’t see any major characters die. That might leave Ezekiel or Shiva (we really hope they live), or maybe someone from Hilltop or a more minor character or two from Alexandria. Sasha is also a strong possibility, considering the precarious position she’s in. Rosita might also die, as an ironic death after Sasha tried to free her and help her live.

Shiva Will Take Out a Key Member of the Saviors’ Team

We don’t want Shiva to die, but Shiva will likely play an epic role in the finale. Fans are thinking he will take someone out in a very bloody way, perhaps a key member of the Saviors’ team. Could Simon be the person who dies at the paws of Shiva?

Fans Are Worried We’ll Get Another Cliffhanger

Some fans think we won’t get any real resolution this season. They think the episode may end on a standoff between the groups, or there will just be a smaller battle and everyone will retreat, leaving a bigger battle for another day. After the backlash from last season, it seems that a big cliffhanger is fairly unlikely. But considering how big the view numbers were for this season’s premiere, a cliffhanger isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility. Fans think some people from both sides will die in an initial skirmish, possibly with Negan plotting even bigger revenge, and the show will then end.

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