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15 Ways ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Could Come Back in the Future

It was so hard to say goodbye to Mystic Falls, but maybe we won’t have to.

We have ideas for 15 ways a new The Vampire Diaries TV show could hit our screens and come back into our hearts. Some ideas are with an entirely new cast and some spin off the show with one or several characters in a new direction. All of them, we would totally watch.

1. A supernatural medical procedural

Elena Gilbert finally does become a doctor, we know, so it would be epic if we could get a new The Vampire Diaries show based on Elena’s experience working in a hospital, like Grey’s Anatomy crossed with the supernatural.

She’ll have to deal with vampire-induced blood loss, werewolf bites, and witch spells, as well as the regular exciting hospital drama.

If only Jo could be there, too.

2. ‘Jeremy, the Vampire Slayer’

We missed Jeremy Gilbert so much during his hiatus from Mystic Falls. We wish we could get a show just following his adventures as a vampire slayer. Alaric could make cameos, of course.

3. A Bennett witch preque

Please, tell us everything about the history of the Bennett witches, before Bonnie. We love this family, and we want all the drama from Grams, Abby, Beatrice, Ayana, Emily, and all the rest. Even better if this could all take place in Salem during the witch trials.

4. A Hogwarts-style school drama

 Caroline and Alaric opening a school for supernatural children is the absolute perfect entry into a new The Vampire Diaries series. Those two, Jeremy, and Bonnie can take a side role to the new teenage students who are growing up in Mystic Falls and learning about their powers and the challenges that come with them.
 5. Tyler Lockwood’s werewolf pack thriller
In Mystic Falls, you always have a chance to come back from the dead. We just have to get Tyler to come back to life and then we can have a The Vampire Diaries show that steers more toward The Werewolf Diaries as Tyler, now a pack leader, initiates new wolves.

6. ‘The Gemini Twins’

Josie and Lizzie are going to grow up in a very complicated situation where each may have to decide if they can kill the other and absorb her power. We definitely need to watch and see how this goes. Bonus: It would be a great opportunity to bring Uncle Kai Parker back from Bonnie’s prison world.

7. Bonnie’s world-traveling adventures

We know in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries that Bonnie goes on a globe-trotting tour, and we’d love to follow her on her journey. Of course, because she’s Bonnie, she’ll get caught up in international covens, packs, and vampire families in all sorts of different countries and needs to help along the way.

8. Matt Donovan’s police procedural

Matt is well on his way to being a top detective, but what if we got to see him solving supernatural crimes? Even better: Vampire-adverse Matt has to cope with his new partner, who’s hiding the secret that s/he’s a humanity-loving vampire.

9. A new teen moves to Mystic Falls

 Well after the original crew has grown older and even out of town, a young naive teenager moves to Mystic Falls and starts to learn the secrets of the place. Hey, maybe it’ll even begin with the girl seeing a crow and a thick fog in a cemetery.

10. The Delena story, post-finale

 Come on, The Vampire Diaries, you can’t leave us hanging. We know that Damon and Elena spent a long and happy life together after the series finale, but now we want to see it on our screens.

11. The Salvatore brothers prequel

We want so desperately to get even more historic adventures with the Salvatore brother vampires. The show can have cameos from Katherine, the Salvatore parents, and maybe even some Bennett witches.

12. Alaric, the paranormal college professor

Alaric goes back to teach at college and three new girl characters move into Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie’s dorm. We learn about new kinds of supernatural events and people, and Alaric helps the girls get through regular ole college life, as well as fighting (and falling for) supernatural beings.

13. The Klaroline story

The Vampire Diaries series finale made it clear that Caroline and Klaus could have a future together, but why not do it as a separate show and not just part of The Originals, which has a timeline that doesn’t quite match up. We need more Klaroline, STAT.
14. Damon and Stefan can’t find “peace” 
At the end of the finale, Damon and Stefan were reunited in “peace,” but to bring the show back there could be an inciting incident that causes them to be pulled from the afterlife and back into Mystic Falls to help with something. We bet a witch could make that happen.

15. ‘The Vampire Diaries: The Next Generation’

 Bonnie’s daughter, Caroline and Alaric’s twins, Elena’s nephew (Jeremy’s son), and Matt Donovan’s son grow up to be BFF. When they hit their teens, they all travel to Mystic Falls to see what their parents were always talking about and take up residence in the old Salvatore house.Little Bonnie is coming into her powers, the twins are emerging Gemini, Little Gilbert has conflicting emotions about the supernatural, and maybe even Little Matt has some powers up his sleeves.

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