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The Walking Dead to end on cliffhanger again? Finale to ‘leave people guessing’

The sixth season ended on a terrifying cliffhanger that left fans devastated when the pay-off was revealed.

Star Andrew Lincoln teased that the upcoming final episode would be “satisfying” for viewers.

But now the series creator Robert Kirkman has suggested it won’t be as complete as we first thought.

“To a certain extent, we have to leave people guessing as to where we are going to go with our next season, so I think we set up the next season really well,” he told Digital Spy.

He explained: “The finale is going to be a big episode – but it will probably have the same level of intensity that the rest of season seven has had, so buckle up.”

Kirkman, who writes The Walking Dead comics series, explained the entirety of the season has been about ripping Rick down and slowly building him back up.

“If you want your Rick Grimes back, you are going to get your Rick Grimes back to a certain extent – but it’s not going to be a happy moment,” he said.

“It wouldn’t be The Walking Dead if there weren’t some people that are losing their lives.”

But who is going to die – because it sounds like there will be multiple fatalities?

Fans are speculating Sasha will snuff it as the actress behind her, Sonequa Martin-Green, has been cast as the lead in the upcoming Star Trek series.

“It wouldn’t be The Walking Dead if there weren’t some people that are losing their lives”

Robert Kirkman

Christian Serratos has teased Rosita’s need for revenge on Negan could lead to her downfall, too.

One person who probably won’t be getting their comeuppance is Negan, though, as actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has confirmed he’ll be in season eight.

The Walking Dead concludes Monday night at 9pm on Fox UK.

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