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NCIS season 14 spoilers: Another big Nick Torres story ahead

It wasn’t too long ago that we had a really important case for Nick Torres on NCIS — we’re speaking specifically of the installment that featured Wilmer Valderrama’s character in a difficult place where he opened up about his childhood sweetheart dying of cancer.

Moving forward, the upcoming episode on April 18 entitled “One Book, Two Covers” is going to provide Torres with a very different sort of opportunity — and this one will revolve more around his job. When a Marine’s murder is linked to a dirt-bike gang, one that he was a part of for one of his deep-cover missions that lasted for many years, he has to do what he can to help using the resources that he has. He kept case notes during his previous undercover work, and this may prove to be one of the biggest assets that the team has.

It’s essential for NCIS to start to give us more insight in some of these new characters at this point in the season, largely because it could prove essential in our enjoyment of the show in the long run. You want to feel as though you’re fully invested in every character that you watch, and that includes the newbies.

Also, the timing here could be especially important since we figure that the season finale could revolve more around some of the show’s longtime characters. If we had to guess, we’d put near the top of the list someone like McGee (we want to see a wedding!) or Gibbs, given that it’s been a little bit since he got a story all about him. “Off the Grid” is probably the closest thing that we’ve had to that. We’re all for even him having a new love interest, though the writers may think that there is plenty of that happening right now with McGee as it is. (Or, who knows? Maybe some of those rumors about Quinn and Torres in the past were actually true…)


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