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The Walking Dead: Importance Of Daryl’s Wooden Figure Revealed

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 finale follow.

Amidst the chaos in Alexandria in the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead was an important and intriguing clue to what’s coming up for the survivors as war time arrives.

Daryl found a little wooden figurine with a message written on it. The message read, “Didn’t know.”

For those who missed the significance of the little wooden figurine and its message, it’s simple: Dwight left it for Alexandria to find.

Dwight has been seen carving this figurines in the past. However, this particular figurine appears to be the one Daryl saw in Dwight’s room when he escaped the Sanctuary. It is significant in revealing Dwight’s allegiance to Alexandria over the Saviors.

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“Didn’t know,” means that Dwight did not know that Jadis and her team were going to turn on Rick. It means that he was unaware of Negan’s upcoming attack on Alexandria. Also, it means that Negan didn’t tell Dwight about his plans while heading to the Safe-Zone, signifying a possible trust issue between the two characters for the first time.

For now, though, it is good news that Dwight is making an effort to appease the people of Alexandria and reinforce his allegiance to their community. Furthermore, with Daryl Dixon being the character to have found the figurine, the character might actually begin to come around to seeing Dwight as an ally. Earlier in the episode, he stressed his desire to kill Dwight whether or not he is going to help Alexandria (and rightfully so after everything he experienced under Negan’s captivity).

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