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Chris Hemsworth’s Personal Trainer Reveals How He Gets RIPPED For Thor Role [PHOTOS]

He’s the Hollywood hunk known for his ripped physique as Norse god Thor.

And Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi has revealed the secrets behind the actor’s ripped body, and it involve six meals a day consuming more than 3500 calories.

The fitness fanatic told KIIS101.1’s Matt & Meshel the hunky star even upped his workout for Thor: Ragnarok after realising the superhero costume would be sleeveless.

Luke revealed how Chris upped the ante on arm exercises while preparing for his role in forthcoming film Thor: Ragnarok, to be released later this year.

The latest outing for the superhero sees the Norse god shed the sleeves on his iconic costume.

‘When we did the fitting for Thor three we saw the costume and it was just like no sleeves,’ Luke said.

‘And he went “OK all we are doing are arms and shoulders now – that’s all I want to do!”‘

Luke also detailed the actor’s fitness regime as he and Chris prepare to fly to the United States on Thursday.

The two will be training in Atlanta, Georgia as Chris films the third and fourth Avengers movies back to back.

But Luke revealed the real hard work started months ago, and Chris’ time filming will be all about maintaining his muscle.

 ‘For Chris when I have got him round here for Thor, Avengers, we probably start about three months prior to shooting,’ Luke said.

‘That’s when we do our hard work then and basically then when we are shooting it’s just about maintaining it.’

The trainer said those three months are all about building muscle mass and eating clean, but there is still a little leeway for treats.

Chris eats at least 3,500 calories a day, sometimes more, as he bulks up for the superhero role.

‘We train depending once to twice a day, and then it is basically six meals a day just like clean protein and veg,’ Luke said. ‘He does still have a little bit of chocolate I won’t lie!’

But despite the daily training, each exercise session is relatively short.

‘We never train over an hour at a time … it’s all just your old school body building,’ Luke said.

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