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Hijabis finally appeared in Grey’s Anatomy … and the internet loved it

Grey’s Anatomy, quite a popular medical drama, often brings to light some of the most mind boggling cases in the history of clinical diagnostics along with its usual relationship dramas. The show features regular turn of events as part and parcel of the journey of Dr. Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo.

The show has in the past made headlines for the way its creator Shonda Rhimes killed popular characters and of course, the demise of almost all its native characters that made this show popular, has often made it an easy target for jokes. But this time, the 12-year-old show is fetching eye balls for an entirely different reason.

The latest episode of the 18th season titled Be Still My Soul featured two actors sporting hijabs in the shoes of doctors and nurses. Coming at a time, when the entire west is murmuring the consequences of electing Donald Trump as the President, the show made a strong statement about being racially and culturally diverse.

Ever since its inception, the show has featured an amalgamation of actors hailing from different parts. Quite interestingly, the show’s story line, too, has had a history of being culturally diverse.

Directed by Ellen Pompeo herself, this episode had Twitterati react in different ways. One of the users noticed the presence of hijabis and wrote, “ok but i’m loving all the female doctors in hijabs in the backgrounds of all these scenes on greys.”

To this a usually cautious Pompeo replied, “Thank you for noticing it was very deliberate on my part.”

Many others lauded the makers and thanked them for making such a strong statement.

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