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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Cancellation Update: Michael Weatherly Cancelled Return After Mark Harmon’s Departure?

Unconfirmed online reports about “NCIS” Season 14 are surprising masses of fans in the past few days. The impending return of Michael Weatherly will not be realized after he knew that Mark Harmon plans on quitting this popular TV Series.

The rife rumors of Mark Harmon quitting the show put “NCIS” Season 14 to face cancellation. This has become even bad news for avid fans who followed the TV series for the longest time. The cradle of this information claimed that the parting of Michael Weatherly has ominously affected the show.

Mark Harmon who plays the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs is reported to be suffering from serious illness resulting in losing weight. According to Health Aim, his doctor has strong advised focusing on health and one of the recommendation is for him to quit the show. This leaves most of his fans worried after learning the real score.

According to TV Line, the fast phase plunged of “NCIS” Season 14 rating is affecting the show as well when Michael Weatherly stopped casting. This is another factor why the TV Series is facing the cancellation which helps the actor to cancel his comeback, aside from Mark Harmon not coming back to the show.

Fans eagerly await the confirmation on the actors’ comeback, or the total confirmation if “NCIS” Season 14 will go for the next round.  Everyone is keeping a keen eye and waiting for the final results.

Apart from the report about Michael Weatherly, fans are also entreating for the riposte of Cote de Pablo, who plays the role of Ziva David. There have been claims that the actor Benedict Cumberbatch is also joining the TV Series to improve its ratings but these are just buzzes until now. “NCIS” Season 14 rating will dictate its future if they are fit for a comeback.

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