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‘Criminal Minds’ Updates: Jane Lynch And Shemar Moore Returning; Thomas Gibson Still Expected To Come Back On Season 13

“Criminal Minds” season 12 continues to see the fate of Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reid. While he awaits his sentencing, he will get a visit from her mother Diana. Meanwhile, the renewal of “Criminal Minds” for a thirteenth season fueled questions whether fan favorite Thomas Gibson will return to reprise his role as the head of the BAU, Aaron Hotchner.

After Shemar Moore’s comeback was announced last month, another character is reportedly returning on “Criminal Minds” season 12. Jane Lynch is hopping on Diana Reid’s character once again to share Spencer’s sorrow as he continues to live behind the bars. Spencer is yet to face the critical part of his involvement in a murder case as he is summoned by the court to explain himself. With confusion still wrapping his mind, seeing his mother Diana might just give him a little piece of mind.

Meanwhile, the BAU needs to resolve another case as federal government employees die from symptoms of a heart attack. The suspicious number of casualties will have the team thinking that a foul play might be at work causing the death of many.

The current season of the CBS criminal flick will wrap up in less than a month and the future of Matthew Gray Gubler is not yet sure. He was rumored to leave the show after “Criminal Minds” season 12 but the actor has not confirmed nor denied anything yet. Talks have it that Reid might be killed off or eliminated in another way to allow Gubler’s exit. Spencer Reid has become the main focus of the show after Thomas Gibson was fired last year.

The ratings of the crime series remain lower than the previous seasons as a lot of fans of “Criminal Minds” swore a boycott since Thomas Gibson’s flee. Many are still requesting for the return of the actor but with his latest battle with his former “Criminal Minds” handler might hinder his comeback. The show tries to maintain seven million viewers tuned into the show but it is relatively lower with Gibson’s lead at 8 to 11 million audiences.

“Criminal Minds” season 12, episode 20 titled “Unforgettable” will air on April 26 on CBS.

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