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The Walking Dead season 8: Showrunner hints Rick Grimes will be KILLED by Negan

The explosive finale of season seven resulted in Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) finally declaring war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) but there could be more casualties to come.

After Rick lost Glenn, Abraham, Sasha and more of his people to the Saviours, he will be entering the next season with vengeance.

The showrunner Scott Gimple even revealed that Rick is prepared to sacrifice his own life as well as Michonne, Carl, Judith and anyone else if it means they will finally take down Negan once and for all.

He told TV Line: “[Rick] will suffer any loss, even his own self to give his people and other people the life that they should live, where the world belongs to all of them and not just one person. A real life.

“That’s the only choice. So he’s willing to face the losses.”Rick realises in the past they were fighting to survive but now they are fighting for a real future and won’t stop until Negan and The Saviours are dealt with.

But that doesn’t mean he won’t be affected if any of his loved ones were to be killed.

Scott added: “It isn’t that he’s willing to shake them off if they were to occur, or immediately rationalise them away. But he understands the enormity of what they are doing and the enormity of the possible cost.”

Will Rick Grimes be able to defeat Negan

Could season eight see the most casualties yet? Will Rick die at the hands of Negan?

At the Walker Stalker Convention earlier this month, actor Jeffrey revealed production for the new season is set to begin this week.

He also teased two fan favourites could face the chop when Negan and the Alexandrians go to war.

The Walking Dead is currently available to stream on NOW TV.

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