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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Finale: Air Date and First Photo Released

It seems like just yesterday we met Meredith, Bailey, Richard, et al. But believe it or not, we’re rapidly approaching the end of our thirteenth year with these Grey Sloan docs.

In fact, it’s time to mark your calendars for the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 finale. Not only do we have an air date, we even have the first official photo from the episode.

According to ABC, the Grey’s Season 13 finale will air with a one-hour episode — titled “Ring of Fire” — on May 18, 2017 at 8 p.m. ET, followed by a two-hour Scandal season finale. (Fellow #TGIT show The Catch airs its finale one week prior.)

And fetch the extinguisher, because that Johnny Cash-inspired episode title is more literal than the docs would prefer…

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 10, Miranda Bailey
Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC © 2017 Disney | ABC Television Group. All rights reserved.    

Here’s the first promotional photo from that episode, showing Meredith perturbed and gazing at something out of frame.

It looks like she’s outside — and wearing her surgical scrubs, suggesting she had to leave the OR in a hurry — with emergency lights and emergency personnel in the background.

This pic lends credence to the all-but-confirmed spoiler that a fire will break out at the hospital in the season-capper.

Here’s our evidence for that hot spoiler: Executive producer Debbie Allen (who also plays Catherine Avery on the show) sparked our speculation by saying this season finale is “hot.”

Then we started seeing Instagram footage from the set of the episode, with multiple fire trucks parked at West Los Angeles College, Grey’s Anatomy’s filming location for the hospital’s exterior.

In this shot, for example, you can even see smoke in the air and a fiery glow from one of the buildings.

Filming Grey's Anatomy on the West Los Angeles College campus tonight.

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Then the exec producers talked with Entertainment Weekly and gave away more hints.

“Debbie Allen and I like to say that the episode is on fire,” Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes said. “That’s the only way we’re going to describe it. It’s a pretty exciting episode that’s very on fire.”

“I can only tease that it’s going to be hot for real; it’s on fire,” Debbie said.

The cast members have been amping up the drama, too.

“I’ll just say it this way: Everyone is in danger,” Kelly McCreary said to E! News.

“There’s something that’s going to happen that’s quite explosive,” Jessica Capshaw told PopSugar. “But I can’t tell you who it’s about.”

We may even see characters die, especially if it’s true a cast member is exiting the show.

“You should be worried,” Debbie told EW. “Be worried, because it’s that kind of night. It’s going to be that kind of a ride.”

The 67-year-old dropped additional intel on the season finale in a more recent Entertainment Weeklyinterview.

“There’s actually two events going on at the same time that are pretty big that affect the entire hospital community,” Debbie said.

“There’s cause for worry. There’s an amazing cliffhanger that will have everybody thinking, ‘Wow, where is this going?!’”

In fact, there are multiple cliffhangers, she says, which “plant more seeds that fuel the fire for what is going to happen next season.”

Fuel the fire, huh?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m ET on ABC.

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