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‘NCIS’ : The Fate of Mark Harmon, Will He Leave or Stay ? Cote de Pablo Officialty Returns !

Mark Harmon will keep on starring in “NCIS” Season 14, regardless of reports of him having health problems. In addition, new reports expressed that Cote de Pablo will also reprise her part in the hit TV arrangement.

As per a current report from MStarNews, “NCIS” Season 14 have been loaded with cancelation reports from the day Michael Weatherly quit the show. Now, the present buzz has recommended that Mark Harmon will leave the long-lasting running TV series because of health reasons.

According to the outlet, Mark Harmon has been experiencing health issues for a long time now. In this way, he is professedly wanting to bid goodbye to the arrangement after starring in the “NCIS” Season 14.

Celebeat additionally expressed that few viewers noticed that Harmon have been losing pounds and that he looks more slender during the current season. Reports likewise proposed that he also had lesser screen time in “NCIS” Season 14 scenes. Maybe, this is the motivation behind why many individuals are thinking about whether he needs time to take a break from work.

Harmon has reacted to the inquiries regarding him leaving the show or the eventual fate of it. As indicated by the actor, many viewers are thinking if the show will continue even if its lost a lot of characters already.

“Who knows when this one will? For now, it s important to enjoy this in the midst of everything that is happening,” he says.

In the mean time, reports likewise suggest that Cote de Pablo will be returning the show. Regardless of the fact that Ziva David played by Pablo is now dead, she could still return, as she was not confirmed to be dead yet.

As of this date, it is yet to be affirmed if Mark Harmon will be back for another “NCIS” season, together with Cote de Pablo. In this manner, perusers are encouraged to bring this with a grain of salt.

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