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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13: Everything To Know About

According to a report published by TV Fanatic, the upcoming season of “Criminal Minds,” is going to witness the arrival of special agent Matt Simmons back into the BAU group. Along with special agent Matt Simmons, Daniel Henney’s character will also be added in order to accompany the veteran crime solver with the upcoming series of mysterious cases. As can be recalled, Henney’s character is known to assist the team that previously existing especially in the case that involved Dr. Spencer Reid. Unfortunately, the latter was arrested in Mexico after he was found guilty of a crime and thus, that was it for him and his group. Many experts believe that the arresting plot that essentially surrounded Dr. Spencer Reid was prolonged quite a bit. Most of the season 12 of “Criminal Minds,” was occupied with the meaningless arrest plot of Dr. Spencer Reid and how there were so many other developments that could have been taken care of, easily. The fans are hoping that the show creators realize the importance of emphasizing upon more interesting characters and don’t repeat the same thing with the upcoming season 13 of ‘Criminal Minds.’

Another one of the reasons why Henney is being brought back with “Criminal Minds” Season 13 is because there is a void of sorts after Damon Gupton left the show altogether. As most fans are already aware, Damon Gupton is a regular to the show, and the fans were left confused when they heard about him quitting the show. The reason behind this unexpected move wherein Gupton is dismissed is still unknown and it is assumed that the show-runners want to keep the information disclosed especially until the 13th season of ‘Criminal Minds’ airs.

Several fans are led to believe that the dismissal of Damon Gupton might have got something to do with A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness, whose contract as well as salary had recently been extended and increased respectively. The ladies are believed to be leading the show, as far as the “Criminal Minds” Season 13 is concerned at least. It will be interesting to see how the storyline falls in place along with these two leading the same; however, Damon Gupton’s absence will surely be felt.

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